Mounted Canvas


This product is for uploading final artwork. If you need additional work/design you can add it in the options below.
Your artwork must have a FULL Bleed, just make sure to include at least 2″ bleed all around.

17mil Canvas is mounted on stretcher bars that are light and durable. These high quality prints are perfect for business and photography applications, but also work wonderfully for generated graphics (Please add design time if this is what you want and we will make you a custom piece with the text and images you desire)


Design Time

Add Custom Design Time to your order…

Upload Artwork

You can upload your artwork here, or email with your invoice number once you receive it in your email.

(max file size 300 MB)

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Make sure your artwork is 300 DPI (Dots per Inch)

Please include a 4 inch bleed to your design (2 Inches on each side, this is for the sides and wrap around to the back)

Example: If you artwork is 24″ x 36″

Artwork to be:

24in x 300 = 7200 pixels + 4 in x 300 = 1200 (Total 8400)


36in x 300 = 10,800 pixels + 4 in x 300 = 1200 (Total 12,000)

We suggest you keep any important text / artwork 1-2 inches inward from the edge of your artwork just as a rule of thumb so text isn’t crunched up against the edge of the poster.

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