H+L Thank You/Pricing Postcards (Custom Printed)


All our postcards are printed on high quality 16pt card stock!

Choose between Matte Both Sides or Glossy Front and Matte Back.

4 in x 6 in Postcards

  • 100 – $40 ($0.40 each)
  • 250 – $50 ($0.20 each)
  • 500 – $60 ($0.12 each)
  • 1000 – $70 ($0.07 each)
  • 2500 – $110 ($0.044 each)

Plus Shipping & Tax


Contact Info

Put the contact info you want on the back of these cards!

Background Pattern

Which background pattern would you like to use?
Go to depositphotos.com and you can search for SEAMLESS PATTERN (We put in colorful flowers, which you can change at the top once you get to the link to search what you want, just be sure to leave Seamless Pattern in the search terms) Each photo has an id# we just need that number below…

Accent Color

Pick an Accent Color, you can just let us know which color you want from the background pattern, let us pick or you can specify a color hex code… we will send a proof! :)

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