Get My Leggings Avatar Outfits


Check the Avatar Status Checker to see where you are on the list, list is updated weekly.
There is a LONG list, so if you can’t wait, then you may not want to order, we only have one designer who can work on them and she’s going as quickly as she can, we thank you for your patience.

We will update your dropbox link with the files once she is approved by you 🙂

Make sure to get the .psd version if you want to be able to remove the accessories, it gives you the layered file you can edit in Photoshop, Elements or if you don’t have those it works online at You can watch videos on how to change colors, etc. at this link: (YouTube Avatar Playlist)


You can upload a photo if you want a specific color for reference.

Choose your outfit

Please choose which top + bottom or dress and put your choice below. Please use the AT1, MS3, etc. so we know exactly which one you want. If there are two different colors, please indicate that here. Make sure to include the shoes too!

Add a layered .psd File

Yes, I’d like to add a layered .psd file that I can edit in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements and

Order Number for Avatar *

Please enter the order number of your existing avatar on file with us.

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Here is a link to check your avatar status


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