snapFIRE Marketing & GetMyBusinessCards.com are independent design companies and websites that are in NO WAY associated with or endorsed by Nerium International™ or the Nerium Brand™, Mary Kay™, Origami Owl™, O2™, Vault Denim™, QScience™, NuSkin™, ItWorks™, WOWGreen™, bizM3™ or any other companies that you may may find materials for on this site. We work directly for each client and we do our best to provide materials that meet each company’s brand guidelines, if there are specific approvals required by the client’s company before the materials we create can be used we ask that the client seek that approval from the company with which they have the contract/relationship before materials are printed, and we will happily make the changes needed (required change requests must be provided in writing from client’s company) to abide by any contract they may be obligated to at no additional charge.

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