Avatar Status Checker

Here is the first name and order number of the Avatars we are working on in order.
(Oldest orders at the top and we are working down the list!)
We are going at about 8-10 per day (lot’s of changes are coming in so it’s taking considerably longer)
It’s Business Days, although I am trying to get ahead on the weekends!


Order ID Customer name Avatar status
51818 Desiree R. Sent Choices
51835 Libby J. Sent Choices
51839 Crystal C. Sent Avatar Proofs
51987 Celeste T. Sent Avatar Proofs
51989 Tiffany G. Sent Choices
52089 Jennifer S. Sent Avatar Proofs
52094 Sondra S. Sent Avatar Proofs
52218 Samantha S. Change/Add-On Request
52990 Christine V. Change/Add-On Request
55585 Kimberly S. Change/Add-On Request
56649 Marcy M. Sent Choices
58316 Lisa V. Sent Choices
59316 Leslie R. Sent Avatar Proofs
59585 Cathy P. Change/Add-On Request
63427 . Sent Avatar Proofs
64006 Alison C. Sent Avatar Proofs
64795 Corine L. Sent Choices
74578 Melissa H. Change/Add-On Request
75739 Rosanna R. Change/Add-On Request
77430 Desiree H. Sent Choices
79010 Meghan M. Sent Choices
79025 Michele H. Change/Add-On Request
79044 Margaret B. Sent Choices
79054 Alicia D. Sent Avatar Proofs
79254 Jennifer M. Sent Avatar Proofs
79306 Shae T. Sent Choices
79378 Kimberly W. Sent Choices
79579 Sarah S. Sent Avatar Proofs
79599 Ericka W. Sent Choices
79613 Courtney B. Sent Avatar Proofs
79620 Kristen J. Sent Choices
79621 Sheri R. Sent Choices
79636 Rebecca C. Sent Avatar Proofs
79713 Tierra M. Sent Avatar Proofs
80651 Heather K. Need More Info from Customer
80712 Susan B. Sent Avatar Proofs
80723 Danielle S. Sent Choices
80891 Tiffany F. Sent Choices
81002 Ericka E. Avatar Approved
81127 Stacey H. Sent Avatar Proofs
81173 Regina P. Avatar Approved
82573 Nickie W. Sent Avatar Proofs
82793 Sammi S. Artwork Department
84197 Lisa T. Sent Avatar Proofs
Order ID not found.

NOTE: If you requested changes to your avatar, then you should have received a ticket ID from our system, this is confirmation that we have received your change request! If you don’t have a ticket number you can Contact Us from the contact widget and put in a change request (multiple requests are not advised as it backs up the change logs and makes things confusing, so only submit your change request once).

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